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Nevada Company One Inc.
A Nevada Corporation

3225 McLeod Drive Suite 100
Las Vegas, NV 89121
Hours: Monday - Friday 10am-5pm (PST)
Corporate Office: (702) 871-8535
Customer Service: (818) 773-8507
Email: nevadacompanyone@hotmail.com
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This Company was founded upon the vision of one man, Our President. It was he who had the foresight to develop a company based upon strict and practical business ethics and a methodology that would lead to sound growth and development. Therefore, in the spring of 1998, he set the vision in motion. He gathered a small number of investors, men and women, young and older adults, who held similar business interests and views. The corporation, he thought, should be diversified, with real estate being the core interest. Thus began Nevada Company One, Incorporated, on June 23, 1998.

In a small amount of time, Nevada Company One has acquired income property in the state of Nevada and land investments in Arizona, Colorado, Salton City California, Nevada and Texas. It also holds a modest profitable position in the commodity market. Because of these acquistions, affordable housing will be offered to the public in the near future and the public will have the opportunity to purchase limited numbers of shares of company stock.

Our President has proven himself to be an astute visionary and a possessor of keen business savvy. Under such capable leadership and direction, Nevada Company One will remain a solid force in the business world. If you have any questions, contact us by phone or fax at (818) 773-8507.

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